A down-on-her-luck painter, desperate to get noticed, steals an outrageous idea from her ex-boyfriend and turns it into an extra feminist performance art piece that makes her go viral for all the wrong reasons.

We’re talking six juicy episodes at around 10 mins each about the journey of one woman in search of validation as an artist, who struggles with her inner demons when she realizes that the idea for her most famous piece may or may not have been created from her own idea.

The way that women are portrayed in the media reflects and shapes our ideas of women in real life. We think that stories about unapologetic, flawed, defiant and even –gasp!– unlikeable female characters can inspire women to take space and to live their lives in all their imperfect glory.

As a young artist trying to find my place in the industry, I started to look for role models in powerful women in media… I noticed that the world isn’t always cheering for them. Actually, it seems that the line between imposter and trailblazer can get real blurry.

I started to wonder:

– Veronica, Creator, Lead and overall 

Boss B*tch of this whole SHEbang

This project became a way for me to unpack this, make sense of it, and engage others in challenging conversations around the topic. I hope that this story feels as cathartic, validating and liberating for other women (and folks who care about women) as it did for me. Oh, and fun, that too!!